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Top 10 Questions That Your Authentic Designer Handbags Store Doe

An authentic designer handbag from the major fashion brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Prada, Jimmy Choo or Burberry is an accessory that every discerning fashionista wants in her wardrobe. However in these hard times feeding this desire to have the latest and the best is getting more expensive. To remain competitive, some stores now have an online presence to cut overheads and capture a price conscious market heading online.

And there are many great deals to be found online. But before you take that plunge to order your next JP Tods or Fendi Braided Spy bag online, you need to be sure that its a purchase that will not come back to haunt you a few weeks or months from now. If You have never bought online before, you might wonder what questions to ask the sales rep when you speak to them on the phone or email.

Below are the top 10 questions you should ask them and if you are not satisfied with their response, please walk on by.

1. Are your handbags Authentic?

2. What are the return, exchange, refund policies?

3. What should I do if I still do not receive my order after the estimated delivery time frame provided by you?

4. What if the shipment is lost or missing?

5. What if I receive a defected bag?

6. What about custom tax or duty? Will I be charged for ordering from you?

7. You do not have the bag I am looking for; can you source it for me?

8. Is there a limit to how many products I can order?

9. I have read everything in your FAQ, and still cannot find the answer to my question.

10. Is your site secure for me to order from?

Now please feel free to add any other question that comes to mind. Do not fall so in love with that Gucci Pelham bag you saw on that beautiful website that you fail to have these important questions answered... just before you whip out your credit card. It will definitely be worth the effort in the long run. And there are so many other tips and tricks to get the best designer handbags at great prices.