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Spiritual Life Coaching - The Holistic Frequency Realm

Let's say you take a full body holographic photo of yourself. You then take the full body holographic photo and crop it down to a smaller size so that it only showing your face. If you then enlarge that portion of the photo to its original size, you will not get a large photo of your face, but the original holographic photo of your full body. In a hologram, each individual part of the whole contains the whole in condensed form. The part is in the whole and the whole is in the part. This describes the phenomenon of quantum physics string theory known as the holographic principle.

A common analogy used in metaphysics compares the Source to an infinite ocean and the Soul to a drop in the ocean. The Soul is in the Source and the Source is in the Soul. The ancient shamans were well aware of this nondual reality thousands of years before the first theories of quantum mechanics.

The holographic principle essentially states that the 2D reality -- which I call the source -- of holographic film stores everything that we can see, hear, taste, feel, and touch in this 3D reality that we call the universe. I like to call think of the 2D source reality as a cosmic hard drive from which the 3D reality is projected. Consciousness is the Source and the world form is simply the construct or "software" for which consciousness is able to interact.

Altered state experiences such as an OBE (out of body experience) or NDE (near death experience), kundalini awakening, as well as psychic phenomena and supernatural abilities can all be explained as brief encounters into this mystifying, deeper realm of reality that transcends spacetime boundaries. Philosopher, Ken Wilber, refers to it as a "holistic frequency realm." No doubt, this plane of higher frequencies has been the visiting place for the world's great sages and shamans throughout the ages.

The erudite quantum physicist, David Bohm says that unless we understand that both the explicate orders (3D reality) and implicate orders (2D or source reality) are one and the same, then the primary and unifying "physical laws cannot be discovered by a science that attempts to break the world into its parts." All the mystical or unknown phenomena that many modern scientists automatically dismiss must be considered to be -- at the very least -- a probable glimpse of this hidden, spiritual dimension.

Our current understanding of separation begins to dissolve when we contemplate the significance of the holographic principle. All of our conflicts, disputes, and wars seem absurd. The true reality is oneness. It is from whence we have all come and are all destined to return.