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J'adore L'Eau Perfume by Christian Dior

Christian Dior once said that he became a perfumer so that every woman only need open a bottle of his fragrance to imagine all his dresses and every woman who wears his dresses will leave behind her an "unforgettable aura". It is with this thought in mind that all of the Dior perfumes are created and the same is true of his most recent 2009 hit, J'adore L'eau perfume. This perfume has come to be because of two other J'adore perfumes that are very popular, so in an effort to keep the allure of all that is J'adore alive, Dior launched J'adore L'eau perfume.

The big sister of J'adore L'Eau perfume, called J'adore, was launched in 2000 and is a combination of orchids, violets and blackberry musk and is often recommended for evening wear. As soon as J'adore hit stores, it became a hit and is still very popular today. This fragrance is said to be complex and, as with many fine fragrances, has been said to change depending on who wears it. Most women report that it's light and powdery, without smelling too sweet. Many have called this fragrance "sexy" and "sensuous".

Christian Dior Perfumes Are Sensual and Classy

In 2007, Dior perfumeries created J'adore L'absolu perfume. Much like the original J'adore, this fragrance is complex and sensual, with a subtle sophistication. It contains a blend of Turkish rose, tuberose, jasmine and ylang-ylang. It is multi-layered and fresh enough for daytime wear, but sexy and warm enough for the most romantic of evenings out. This version of Dior's J'adore collection is multifaceted and able to be worn for all occasions, without feeling out of place.

It's no surprise that J'adore L'Eau perfume has had a big ticket to live up to. Since its release in early 2009, however, it has joined some other Dior perfumes that have taken the lead toward the most popular fragrances of their time. Some stores have even temporarily sold out of this perfume and it's no wonder. The fragrance is young and fresh, without seeming to smell to "teenager-ish". The notes in this perfume offer it a sophistication that is often absent in other perfumes.

J'adore L'eau perfume is lighter than its predecessors and contains more floral notes, but it is no less desirable and sensuous. This is a delightful fragrance that is reminiscent of spring flowers and warm summer nights, when you can smell the magnolia blossoms. In addition to magnolia, you'll likely catch whiffs of citrus scents, neroli, floral bouquet, bergamot and lemon, while the spicy-sweet fragrance of ylang-ylang speaks loud and clear.

While this fragrance is recommended for daytime wear, it can do double duty on a warm summer night. Your date might become so intoxicated by the scent you wear that he will never forget the night you spent together. This fragrance is highly rated by wearers, who love the complex multi-layered smell of this perfume and would buy it again and again. J'adore L'eau perfume is true Dior fragrance: sensual and classy, and always original.