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Henna Temporary Tattoos

The henna tattoo design has always been around but there has been a real boost in popularity since the end of February. And now, in the heat of summer, henna temporary tattoos are all the rage! Whether they are the classic paint-on henna designs or modern transfer tattoos, henna temporary body tattoos are growing in popularity.

Many people have been tweeting photos of henna tattoos and they have been a permanent feature in the micro-blogosphere. There has been an increase in mentions and conversations regarding henna temporary tattoos over the past few months.

In part, this increase in popularity can be attributed to the season: it is summertime, and shorts, t-shirts and flip flops mean more skin on which to wear temporary tattoos. But this spike in popularity goes beyond what we would expect for the season. The increase in mentions, conversations and orders of henna tattoos indicates a true trend; a trend that can be attributed to the actualization of temporary tattoos as fashion accessories.

It all began with the fall fashion shows, at which Chanel introduced their temporary skin art line, Les Trompe. Those designs hit the market in February and other designers and retailers have followed suit. Henna tattoos have become trendy along with these other designs because the style is very similar.

In June, the Louis Vuitton 2011 Spring/Summer Menswear show in Paris prominently featured temporary body tattoos on models; just as Chanel did in the fall. As temporary tattoos become more of a staple in the world of fashion, henna temporary tattoos will continue to grow in popularity.

Transfer henna tattoos are probably the easiest way to wear this design. You can do it yourself and application is easy and fast. Plus, henna transfer tattoos are very inexpensive. The henna design is great for fashion because it mimics the temporary body tattoos of Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

Henna transfer tattoos look great around the ankle, along the thigh, around the wrist or arm or along the neck. They go with virtually any look and generally will last 3-5 days. Easy, inexpensive and fashionable: these traits make the henna transfer tattoo an excellent fashion accessory!