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Eco Friendly Jewelry - Being a Responsible Consumer

Selecting the perfect ring is already enough stress on its own. And now, with all the issues surrounding conflict diamonds and earth friendly mining, we have one more item to add to our checklist to keep our consciences clear. Here's the short list of what you need to think about and what you can do as a responsible consumer:

1. Work with the right jeweler: ask around and select a jeweler with care. Find a jeweler that is a trusted source for fair trade diamonds or go through ethical diamond mining sites.

2. Get proof that your stone is a conflict-free diamond: Ask your jeweler about the origins of your stone and request a written warranty verifying the diamonds source and chain of custody. Make the simple request of your jeweler to provide evidence that they are selling a conflict-free diamond.

3. Consider recycled metals: Did you know that it takes at least 30 tons of rock to make one gold ring? Many gold mines are open pit mines and can be devastating to the environment. Most people don't realize that recycled gold is melted down and re-refined, making it the same quality as newly mined gold.

4. Go vintage: Consider an antique ring or an heirloom piece. Its a great way to reuse and recycle valuable jewelry and a sure way to be unique!

5. Diamond Alternatives: If you are not into diamonds, you can look into Moissanites. Made from silicon carbonite, Moissanite can also be manufactured in a lab and are completely earth-friendly. Its also easier on the wallet!

It's the 21st century and now, more than ever, we need to be conscious of the decisions we make and how they impact our environment. Buying jewelry responsibly doesn't have to be difficult. We must give credit to the jewelers who make the extra effort to promote eco friendly jewelry and make it accessible. As for consumers, with a bit of research and asking the right questions, a small choice to select a conflict free stone or recycled band for your ring can have a very large impact.