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Black Friday Shopping

Ever seen a stampede? This image from wild life can easily be used to describe what Black Friday looks like, kind of. But, the best part of Black Friday is the Deals.

Black Friday is a time where Merchant and consumer come together, in an effort to bring our American economy back into the black. Almost every store will have special prices on many products and "Door Busters" galore - trying to attract your attention to their stores. Because there are so many stores competing for your money, it is best to put forward a plan of attack.

Shopping your deals So, where do we start? Hum... what would be a good place to search out these deals? Uh..., any ideas? Anybody? Oh, yeah, why not the internet. I suppose, since you are already here reading this post you might as well start with the internet.

Actually, you may have already been searching for deals on Black Friday and that is why you found this post. You're doing it; the internet is the best place to get an early picture of what is coming as deals on Black Friday.

There are many sites that are dedicated to Black Friday and most (if not all) list deals from the "BIG" chain stores so don't hold hope to find much about your favorite local merchant. But you shouldn't let that stop you from using these sites.

When looking for a site to be your 'definitive' Black Friday source choose one that provides you the opportunity to create a shopping list. This is one little convenience that will save you a ton of time in your deal searching. Make sure you have that list hands for price comparisons.

But, don't rely solely on this one site as your only source. There are many, and some sites will have information from a particular store that another won't. Shop around, and if necessary keep a written list of the deals you find so they can be compared. Also, remember to go back to these sites periodically and check the ads. The merchants that are featured on these sites will sometimes change their prices.

One final tip - Don't forget the Thanksgiving Day Paper! Wow! Just saying that gives me goose bumps. The local paper on Thanksgiving Day is pumped full of merchant advertisements, all for deals on Black Friday. This is also your best bet to look for your favorite local merchant's ads to see what special little trinkets they have on sale.

Planning your day So, after you've spent several days (or weeks) looking for the items you want (or have been enticed to want) you've probably figured out that this is going to be an all day event. Well, it doesn't have to be (but realistically it will). You can use a few tricks to make the time shorter.

One trick is to divide and concur. If you have family or friends, work with them to team up and hit several stores at once. Split the lists up and each of you can pick up the special deals at your assigned store. Make sure you keep track of all the receipts so that you can split up the costs and the bounty when you meet for lunch.

Another trick is to get a map from the merchants before you go in. Some stores will provide a map that locates the special deals they are offering. Use the map to go directly to the stuff you want (as quickly as possible) and then head right to the check stand. The check out line can be just as painful.

Another time saver is to categorize what you are shopping for. Some items are considered door busters. These items are of limited supply and should be the items you go for first. You'll also want to split these up among your team since you won't have time to get to the next store to get their door busters. Other items have ample supply, and these can wait until just before or just after lunch. This way the lines will be down and you won't waste time just waiting to checkout.

Getting physically ready You wouldn't think that shopping would require physical training. However, once you experience Black Friday and shopping for deals, you will quickly see it is a contact sport. There are thousands of people shopping on this day and some aren't as fair of players as others. There is always a "Mad Rush" for the door when the store opens and there's the pushing and shoving you might experience in some places too. You might even want to increase your cardio training so you can run to the hot-ticket items before others.